Who we are

The Felting Tree is founded and run by Sarah (on the left) and Olivia (on the right). Growing up on the family farm in North Wales invested us with a love of nature and we embody this in our creations today. Sarah cares for our flock without whom The Felting Tree wouldn't exist, and Olivia transforms our wool into the planet friendly gifts we make for you and your loved ones.

Working with nature

Following nature's rhythms and seasons is something that comes naturally to us as part of our farming background. Respecting the soil and landscape in which we all live and are a part of allows us to care for our flock slowly and gently. We gather our dye plants from the garden and hedgerows according to the season, deepening the connection to nature for each handmade gift that we create.

Planet friendly design

Every item that we make at The Felting Tree is designed with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. We use no glue so that each item can be easily turned into something new at the end of its life. Our naturally plastic free designs are fully circular, being able to return to the soil as gently as they arrived.