Our passion is creating joyful products for your home that return to the Earth as gently as they arrived.

Consciously made to order, just for you.

  • Starry Night Mobile

    "This is the most beautiful thing I ever bought for my kids. It's hanging from the ceiling and both my daughters love looking at it."

    Maren, North Wales

  • Pumpkins

    "I absolutely love these little felted pumpkins, created using plant dyes and Welsh wool."

    Sam, North Wales

  • Custom Garland

    "I was excited to receive my
    garland and love how tactile and luxurious it looks in place on my mantlepiece. It looks fabulous!"

    Louise, Aberdeen

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  • Natural

    Wool, wood, plant dyes and nothing else ensures that every item we create for your home can return to the earth as gently as it arrived.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainability and being gentle on the planet are at the core of everything we do. We don't use any glue so each element of our product can be re-used to create something new.

  • Renewable

    The wool from our homegrown flock in the North Wales hills is a naturally renewable fibre source year, after year, after year.

  • Biodegradable

    Wool is naturally biodegradable with no impact upon the planet from microfibre or plastic pollution. At the end of its life it slowly releases valuable nutrients back into the soil instead.